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5 Classroom Management Tips To Silence A Noisy Class

By Rob Johnson

1. The first thing to remember is that you are the boss.

Self belief is incredibly important in this job. You can’t expect pupils to respond positively to you unless you believe, really believe, that you fully deserve their respect and compliance. The thought that you are the leader in the classroom must be at the forefront of your mind.


If you give any sign at all that you are NOT in FULL CONTROL, children will sense this and exploit your weaknesses. You MUST project strength and the impression that you will not tolerate any disobedience.

All too often a teacher will enter a lesson filled with dread and give out the signal that they are beaten before the lesson even starts. Pupils sense this. If you’ve been having a hard time with a particular group they will come to expect that you will be a walk-over and get into the habit of talking freely with total disregard for your threats.

2. Have definite rules on noise

Once you’ve decided on your rules (preferably with input from the pupils) you need to ensure the pupils are totally clear what those rules are. There must be no ambiguity and therefore no room for argument.

We all know how important consistency is in terms of classroom management but unless you have a clear set of rules to work to in the first place, you can’t consistently apply them.

So, what is your rule on noise?

Mine is simple: If I say there is to be no talking, then there is to be no talking. I will not tolerate being interrupted without taking action. I seldom enforce this rule for longer than a few minutes – just at those key times when I am either explaining something, starting a new task or taking a register etc. - but if I tell a group that I want total silence, then I mean it. And any pupil who ignores this is dealt with straight away.

For example, never let a pupil shout out without reminding them to put up their hand. Never, allow pupils to continue talking at the start of a lesson when you’ve started explaining the objective. Never, let pupils interrupt you without reminding them that it is unacceptable to do so.

If you let them get away with it once, you have effectively trained them to try and get away with it again.

3. Control entry to the classroom

The ideal place to establish control over your pupils is outside the door - before you even let them in the room.You must start the lesson under your terms. And the lesson starts before they enter the room with you having them line up outside the door in an orderly manner.

This is the perfect time to gauge the mood of the group and indeed the individuals in the group. You can easily spot potential problems (unhappy pupils, cases of bullying, arguments etc.) and deal with them rather than letting them go unnoticed and having them escalate into serious disruptions during your lesson.

If the group won’t stand still and quiet don’t let them in the room. They must do EXACTLY as you say before you let them through the door. If they run to a chair bring them back again and make them walk. If you let them get away with anything at this important stage, you will set the tone as being one where they can get away with things. You don’t want that.

4. Have ‘settling work’ ready for them when they enter the room

If you have a group who just won’t settle try presenting them with some of the following ‘settling work’ as soon as they enter the room. But… make sure you add this little twist to ensure the pupils get stuck into it straight away…

On your board have the following written up…

“Complete the work detailed below. You have ten minutes. If you don’t finish it, you will return at break to complete it.”

Obviously you need to adjust individual work targets for less able pupils to make it fair. Once they’ve started you can go round the slow workers very quietly, out of earshot of the others, and tell them where to stop. i.e. give them a work target which requires less writing than the others –

“James, you can stop when you get to the end of this sentence”. (And put a pencil mark where you want them to get up to.)

The great advantage of this strategy is that it gives you a few minutes to get your resources sorted out. I do use this if I want to show a DVD clip and haven’t had time to set the AV equipment up for example.

On each desk you could have a quick topic-related puzzle, a review quiz of last lesson’s work, a cloze exercise or some text copying work. Nothing too difficult – you don’t want to confuse them because they’ll spend ten minutes asking questions instead of settling down. Choose something simple (and preferably light-hearted or fun) that requires no explanation or fuss.

As well as having the instructions written on the board, greet them at the door and say…

“Get started on the simple task on your desk – you have ten minutes to finish it.”

Once they’re in the room you can then add…

“Anyone not finishing this little task will finish it at break – there should be no talking. If you talk you’ll come back at break and do it in silence then.”

If you want them to copy notes from the board (or a book) make sure there isn’t a huge amount of text otherwise you will provoke complaints. You can ‘hide’ extra work by having five or ten lines of text for them to copy and then a note at the end saying “Now answer question 2 on page 46” which could be another five or ten lines of notes.

Comments like…

“It is entirely your choice as to whether or not you get break. If you want break, do the work. If you don’t want break, sit and chat.”

…can be used if they don’t settle straight away.

5. The Right Way To Ask For Silence

You may have been told that an alternative to shouting for silence is to simply wait for rowdy pupils to calm down.

And wait… And wait… And wait…

Teachers have mixed views as to the effectiveness of waiting for silence before continuing with the lesson because in many cases it just doesn’t work.

Some classes will respond positively to this strategy almost straight away but a hard class will test your mettle and try to push you way beyond 5 or 10 minutes.

They’ll enjoy watching your expression turn to desperation and laugh at the fact that your plan isn’t working.

At a time like this you need to bring in sanctions and make them see that their continuous disobedience will not be tolerated.

If you have a strong, commanding voice you can shout for quiet and explain what the sanctions will be if they continue talking. If you can’t be sure that your voice will cut through the noise sufficiently, you can communicate via the board by writing your instructions. Write up your instructions in bold, capital letters. You may need to give them slightly longer time to comply – allowing for the fact that they may not all read your instructions straight away.

This is what to say…

(You may think that these sanctions won’t work with your toughest class but they are phrased in a very specific manner as you’ll soon see. If you rigorously and consistently apply them you will win. Your class will settle. I’ve never known it fail).

“If you wish to continue talking during my lesson I will have to take time off you at break. By the time I‘ve written the title on the board you need to be sitting in silence. Anyone who is still talking after that will be kept behind for 5 minutes.”

Phrasing your instructions in this way when you want a class to be quiet is very powerful and almost always guarantees success.

Let’s examine why:

Firstly, you are being very fair and giving the pupils a warning…

“If you wish to continue talking during my lesson I will have to take time off you at break.”

When teachers try to issue a punishment without a warning…

“Right you’ve just lost your break!”

…they are often met with a torrent of abuse…

“No way, that’s not fair – we weren’t doing anything!!!”

I always find that giving pupils a fair warning about an impending sanction takes the sting out of a confrontational situation.

Secondly, you are telling them exactly what they are doing wrong, and exactly how to put it right…

“…you need to be sitting in silence.”

Thirdly, you are giving them a clear time by which you expect full compliance…

“By the time I‘ve written the title on the board you need to be sitting in silence.”

Fourthly, and very importantly, you are telling them exactly what will happen to them if they don’t do as you ask…

“Anyone who is still talking after that will be kept behind for 5 minutes.”

These key features are important if you want pupils to follow your instructions because they leave no room for questions, debates, arguments or confusion. The pupils know exactly what they’re doing wrong, what will happen if they continue and how to correct their behavior so as to evade a sanction.

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Muslim entrepreneur mentality thumbs

cavital based
1. Mind
We are what we think, as an important principle for people who want to achieve success in life. Agus Sunario, experts Brain power (the power of the brain / mind) said that the way we think affects how we act and communicate. And the way we communicate and act will determine who our self and how much the results that we can achieve. Unfortunately, most people only use the power of a high 1-4%

In the wider context, the resurrection of a people to the changes that better life was also determined by the mind, exactly the resurrection of thought. Once the magnitude of the role of the mind (thoughts), Abdurrahman in the "Islamic Spiritual Politics" (1998) mentioned the principle act (qaidah 'amaliyah) consists of: [1]. Mabniyun 'ala al-fikri (dilandaskan up thoughts or awareness), [2]. Min ajli ghayatin mu'ayyanah (to achieve a certain goal), and [3]. Mabniyun 'ala al-faith (dilandaskan on faith). This is the typical style of thinking and action of a true Muslim entrepreneurship.

Think the power source is the early emergence of creative, innovative and alternative-an alternative that will distinguish our work with the other so that a unique and have a strong positioning.

2. Skilled

Rely on the power of thought alone is not enough to realize that good ideas into real, because senyatanya realization of the idea requires action. Meanwhile, an action will have the results to high when supported by the ability and expertise to adequate. The higher the skill of the person conducting the work, then the result will be more optimal.

Of course, these skills are berproses, in line with the development of the business. The large companies, will surely require a more complex managerial, therefore needed encouragement and motivation to develop themselves. As word of God:

"And, siapkanlah them strength to face what you sanggupi and from the horse that ditambat to war ..." [al-Anfal: 60]

3. Mental

The success of a person, was not merely the thoughts and wizardry skills, but also requires mental strength that will melecutkan potential to be a force extraordinary that. No less successful people (even most) are not higher education. Even only at the primary (elementary school). But that does not make them afraid to dream and strive dream become a reality.

In the research, Schiber said, that education to contribute as much as 15% on the success of someone. Moreover, 85% is the attitude (attitude).

For the entrepreneur Muslim attitudes that referred to a personality that is realized in the thinking pattern of Islamic (aqliyyah Islamiyyah) and the pattern of Islamic life (nafsiyyah Islamiyyah) also. But if there is a strange Muslim entrepreneur who bribed easy, lazy and rely on other than God, it's easy to surrender and despair, passive, not serious and no discipline and so forth, Allah encourages us to always optimistic and always do good.

".... The lombalah you (in a) good ..." [TQS. Al-Baqarah: 148, al-Maidah: 48].

Similarly, while we in trouble. We will always remember the words of Allah:

"Indeed, after that, there are difficulties ease." [TQS. Nature Nasyrah: 6]

4. Intuition

Features an entrepreneur / Entrepreneurs is the ability to see an opportunity. Rhenald Kasali (Business Management Specialist and changes from the UI) once said, the opportunity was too many and almost every time through the front of our eyes. Unfortunately, not all beautiful people. Only those who termotivasilah can see that even they sometimes create opportunities for many people (motivated people can see and also create the opportunity).

Of course, after the opportunities that we see, the next step is to work directly (action oriented) to the opportunities that can bear results and a blessing. Not only Omdo (hot only).

5. Be Team

In the end, after all the capital owned, good mind; skills; mental and intuition. So is finding and selecting the right team. Sehebat any capital that we have, but not supported by strong team work (teamwork), the results obtained will not be optimal. It may even fail!

The experience of my life from one leadership to the leadership of the other, from the success and failure that I said, that success can only be achieved if there is a good team work. Like a body. Team members are set to move the body and interact in a synergistic to achieve a goal (goal setting) of one. The destination is also one that will usually give a sense of the impact of the emergence (a sense of ownership) on every employee. And experience also says, to build a team with a respite to build communication open attitude based on mutual trust and sincerity, not the fabled and malingering is a good first step.

6. Learners

Wise people often say, life is a continuous learning process (Life is a learning process without stopping. WINARTO P. (2002) says, people stop learning, it's the same with the living dead. Most do not, intelektualitasnya has died. If we stop learning, we will become outdated goods and terlibas progress of the age.

In the current globalization. Activities enrich the knowledge is a requirement. Because of the speed changes so quickly, sometimes even exceed our ability to learn.

In Islam. Every Muslim is encouraged to always (even mandatory) and science, particularly Islamic sciences directly related to human life. Not only for worship rituals and knowledge. For example, only the problem of selling and buying. Mandatory for a Muslim to understand entrepreneurship in the laws relating to trading activity. Both activities like selling itself or goods or services that are traded. With that, but, labor, time, property, and the stream of sweat, we reach the facilities for a better life will be achieved. And more than that, blessing and the glory of Allah can also be achieved.

10 Tips for Starting a Business Success

Here are 10 steps that can guide the businessman preparing to make a successful business checkers.

1. Do what you like. You will devote more time and energy to start a business and built into a successful business, so it is very important that you enjoy in depth what you do, whether to rent fishing, mengkreasikan pottery or give financial advice.

2. Start your business when you are still working. How long can the most people without money? No longer. And this will be a long time before your new business is a profit. When employees start to become a business means there is money in the pocket when you start the process of entering the business.

3. Do not do it alone. You need support when starting a business (and thereafter). A family member or friend who can provide ideas and will be heard in a sympathetic tarakhir important to start a business does not put a price.

4. First get clients or customers. Do not you have been waiting to officially start the business until this line, because your business can not survive without them. Develop a network or the network, make contact. Sell or give your product or service. You can not start marketing too fast.

5. Write a business plan. Reasons for important business plan is to make this step can help you avoid the time and money over mwmulai business that will not be successful.

6. Do research. You will do a lot of research over the business plan, but it was originally. For you to become experts in your industry, products and services. If you have done. Joining in the industry or professional associations related to your business before starting the business is a good idea.

7. Get professional help. On the one hand, just because you run a small business, it does not mean you must become expert in anything. If you are not an accountant, Hire the best one or two people, for example. If you want to write a contract, and you are not a lawyer, it Hire 1. You will dispose of more time and money munkin also to try to do their own job where you do not have the qualifications to do them.

8. Get the money. Save if you must, close to potential investors and creditor. Describe financial planning to fall back. Do not expect start a business and then walk into the bank and get money. Traditional lender does not like new ideas and not as a business track records without verification.

9. So it was a professional start. Everything about you and how you run a business to make people know that you are a professional who runs a business that is serious. This means getting all pelrengkapan card business as a professional, business phone, email address and business, and treat people in a professional, polite way.

10. Start the law and remove the tax on the first time. It is more difficult and more expensive than do after that. Does your business need a registered user? Will you must have insurance to employees or deal with tax salary? Will shape how the business you choose affect your income tax situation? Learn tax and legal obligations before you start a business and operate it.

Understanding 9 Important Aspect Before Starting Business

Starting a business for most people is not easy. This is classic, many considerations here and there, so I rarely fail to make people start a business. Start a business should not become a source of fear for each person. To remove the fear in the launch business, a person can make preparation business that can be cooked so that the Model optimistic.

One of the seminars Gerald Abraham a business adviser at a law firm, also the owner and director of a financial consultant in 2006, contains about to be successful with the understanding of important aspects of 9 before the start of business.

1. Understanding the concept of product or service is good

Before the start of a business that's important is the understanding we will draft a product or service that will be the core business. We need to understand not only the technical but also the production and market prospects of the environment start to the smallest of the largest environment. In this topic extensively discussed aspects important in the analysis of the feasibility and prospect of products, including products with a new look with the human side of Behavior, and other needs of the market.

2. Create a vision and business mission

Anyone who would like to start a business must know the vision and mission that will guide someone to continue to focus on business goals and the initial organization. Often when a business starts to grow in the next stage failed because the organization does not focus on improving the business early progress but too many to try to develop other businesses in the new. In this topic everyone will learn how to create a vision and mission in connection with the personal background and business knowledge that will be your path.

3. Need a winning, positive attitude and learning to become a successful

Mental attitude is the key to the success of the business other than your understanding of your business. there is no over night success this something that should be of every candidate "Entrepreneurs" because it needed time, attitudes do not surrender, the learning process in kesinambunga, and see the problem in a positive not make you a broken spirit, but to see every opportunity and every study on failure . You will learn to develop attitudes over to a "business Entrepreneurs" a success.

4. Make planning and effective business strategy that will prevent business from the business and financial risk.

The statistics, almost all the failure of small and medium business due to the absence or lack of effective planning business that you create. Assumptions such as production capacity, level of utilization of production, projected price increases and cost and other aspects of the business planning must accurately reflect market realities or practices that exist in an industry. Sistematika calculations and projections of revenues and costs must be made promptly so that every prospective employers to calculate accurately the needs of capital investment and working capital including the cost structure for the preparation of the initial, experimental phase, the commercial production, inventory, distribution, marketing, administration, resources and also the human component of business income, which consists of core and additional income. A good understanding of the things this will also help candidates to Entrepreneurs can mengindentifikasi potential risk business, and financial management and create a step-by-step control to avoid any such risk.

5. Knowledge base management, organization and the system will avoid the risk management business.

Every business from even the most minor requires good management to ensure that the process of marketing, production, distribution and sale of progress with both. Poor management system that will lead to the unnecessary cost of raw materials such as the recent, workers who are not productive because of ineffective supervision and job descriptions that are not clear, coordination and communication among employees that are not effective until a late decision much, recruitment of staff not so effective that many employees in and out throwing a lot of time and cost, which is not good training so that employee productivity is low and there are many more problems the organization. In this topic we will provide the knowledge and basic aspects is very important that must be learned by prospective business Entrepreneurs to avoid the risk management that can cause the failure of the business.

6. Optimization of human resources to the 50% of your business is successful.

Human Resources or human resources is one key to the success of the business that is very important. Many experts are aware that it is often to start a business if we recruit the right staff and very good potential weaknesses can close the management, organization and systems in the short term. With the appropriate human resources so we have to be half way to success. This topic will help us to understand the criteria of a good employee and in accordance with the needs of business, human resources management in general, including employee performance evaluation system so that every employee will be satisfied and also how to motivate employees in both psychology and with the general system of incentives to optimize the performance of employees.

7. Why creativity, leadership and decision-making process is very important?

In general, start a business Entrepreneurs each candidate will have many problems and crises. Many failures occur because of a lack of creativity, leadership and making the right decision to find a good solution. Creativity such as the "thinking outbox" or the ability to do analysis outside the understanding of the problems that already exist and are seeking creative alternative solutions that will help your business to succeed. Creativity also will help you to adjust your products to be accepted by the market and also see opportunities to build your business. Dalamkrisis leadership is very important to make every employee and all those involved in the business you believe that you do not panic, a place of last resort solution to all problems and become a role model. Decision Making Process will assist you in finding alternative solutions and select the best for your business and organization. In this topic you will find ways to develop your business creativity, leadership characteristics that match your personal background and how the process in making the correct decision in every issue.

8. Knowledge of basic financial management and financing

Understanding on this aspect is very important in the development of your business. Often production disrupted because of financial management is not good, such as lack of funds for the purchase of raw materials, production equipment and other. Dalamtopik this will be discussed on the basis of cash flow, or cash flows, such as blood in the human body, the cost of funding, financing for working capital and investments, capital structure, the company's assets, and other capital investment.

9. Marketing, service and product brand

Marketing is the spearhead of the successful sales of products or services. The most of any products or services without good marketing it will be very difficult to increase sales and profits of business. On the other hand, without a good service to customers, it will be a very difficult business to get customers loyal is the key to business development. With loyal customers that the job market will be easier because the services that will create a good brand products to potential new customers. In this topic will be discussed comprehensively secera all important aspects in creating marketing strategies, identification of services that customers need and how to create product and brand effect to the success of the business.

Strategic thinking in Bisnis predict Growth

Strategic thinking in Bisnis predict Growth
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Maintaining the momentum means to see what the future will occur as the focus at this time. Forecasting and planning is very important for the continuation of your success. Strategy think you need to dream what you want to face the future in the business, then work backwards by focusing on the story of how you will be able to achieve your vision.

As you develop a strategic vision for the business, there are five criteria which should be the focus. Five criteria will help you define what is ideal for your business to the next. In addition, the five criteria will be set up and develop the steps necessary to make your business vision to become real.

Here is a list of five criteria, the process of strategic thinking:

1. Organization. Organization of your business involves people who will work for you, your business organization structure and resources necessary to make everything work. As to what your organization? Organizational structure will bertipe what to support your vision? How will you combine people, resources and the structure together to achieve the ideal?

2. Observations. When you look down to earth from an aircraft, you can see more instead of when in the land. Strategic thinking many similarities with it, allowing you to see things from a higher level. By increasing the power of observation, you will start to become more aware of what can motivate people, how to solve problems more effectively, and how to distinguish between alternative options.

3. Views. With the other meaning is a simple way to think about things. In strategic thinking, there are four points to take the attention when forming your business strategy, namely the views of the environment, views on the market, views about the project, and views on the size. Perception can be used as a tool to help you think about the result, the identification of essential equipment and adjust your action to achieve your ideal position.

4. Strength drive. What is the driving force that will make your ideal outcome a reality? What is the vision and mission of your business? Strength usually in laying the foundation for what you want people to focus on your business (for example, what will you use to motivate other people to carry). Examples include the use of force in incentives for individuals and organizations, power and kesejajaran, qualitative factors, such as defining the vision, values and goals, productive factors such as mission and function, quantitative factors such as results or experience, and other such commitments, the same action , Effectiveness, productivity and value.

5. The ideal position. After working through the first four phases of the process of thinking, you should be able to define your ideal position. Outline the ideal position should encompass; the conditions in which you have found to be important if the business become productive, market niche that will fill your business, there are various opportunities that other current or future for your business, core competencies or skills needed business, and strategy and tactics that will encourage membanti all together.

By working through these five areas, you will begin to get a clear vision of how business can do in the real. As your vision becomes more focused, your ideas will show stronger and can be trusted. Not only will be easier to convince others that your idea is good, but will also be easier to maintain confidence and motivation when you reach the traps and obstacles in the road

Overall, you can apply strategic thinking skills in life. But by creating a business plan to implement them specifically on the business, you will have a much better chance of bringing the vision of your life. And these you want?

business thinking

A 'difference makers' are able to provide benefits
for the company. A 'difference makers' always
focus itself on creativity and innovation that translates
dreams or ideas into kenyatan the form of products or services on
ultimately provide benefits in the work place.

To become a 'difference maker', there are 3 main things that must be
understood and applied in the activities of your day-to-day, namely:
1. Thinking Framework
2. Understanding of the business
3. The ability of executing

Thinking Framework
The framework of thinking is very important for a 'difference maker,' because
This will be encouraged to experiment to
create new breakthroughs. But the experiment without thinking
market needs, its impact on the company, and barriers will
faced only will produce a product or service that can not be
can be received by the market.

Therefore, while innovating or try to solve problems,
You as a 'difference maker' must always submit
following questions:
1. Is there any ideas or solutions that better?
2. whether we get the data correct?
3. How and issued estimate of the cost of benefits to be obtained?
4. What impact on the company?
5. what can be a hindrance?

With always a fifth question, the possibility
you will be separated from the possibility of creating products or services
the less useful at all or make short-term solution.

Understanding About Business
A 'difference makers' without understanding the business will be as
with cars that are not fueled the same lose once and
rodanya fourth. Innovation or breakthrough that will be done
useless. With the understanding of the business, then you can
develop products or services in accordance with the needs of the market
At this time, or even if he is able to read the hidden desire of the
market, he will create a new market the same.

It is important to be understood about the business by a 'difference
makers' is the following,
• business intuition
Business intuition of a 'difference makers' can be sharpened to understand:
- The level of competition that currently faced by the company
- Whoever its competitors at this time
- Terkuat competitors who and what benefits they
- Competitors who terlemah and what still makes them
survive in this business
- What is required by the market, what is desired by the market, and
what is expected by the market
- How the current market segmentation, which most segments
interesting for you and your competitors? What they expect?

With a business that has sharp intuition, then as a
'Difference makers' you can quickly find out the changes
occurred in the market and how that can make them
companies become better.

• The business
Basically, the business is divided into 3 main components, namely
procurement of raw materials, production processes, and sales. By understanding
every element you can improve the performance of the company
to do with efficiency in some parts, and in optimizing
the other.

• Awareness about the financial
A 'difference makers' need to be able to perform cost calculations and
profit from each innovation and problem solving that he
do. When a paper to the breakthrough realized in the production,
then you need to know the costs associated directly
with these products so that the capital base so that the product can be determined
You can determine the level of economic production and also the level of
the expected benefits.

The ability of executing
In addition to strategic abilities as explained previously,
You as a 'difference maker' must have the ability
executing ideas that you can be realized. Key in
make a successful execution was by four points, namely:

• Do you dare take the initiative
Courage to take the initiative is very important for you when he
about to make improvements or create new breakthroughs.
A 'difference maker' must dare to have questioned whether
products that are now already meet the needs, wants and
market expectations? What is the process of working in the company now is good
or there is a need to be improved? And other questions
always directed to the improvement.

• Working in teams
Willingness to work with others, both colleagues and
the customer is the key to the success of a 'difference maker,' because
basically, a lot of thoughts that come from many parties will be more
better than only thought that came from your own self.

• How to grow together
A 'difference makers' aware that he will only be able to grow and
developed when he want to develop themselves first
first, and then try to help other people to develop
with the help, respect and trust other people who work
with us.

• Measure performance
There is a proverb that says, "things that we can measure
success can be managed, and that can be managed
can be resolved. "In other words, a 'difference makers' will
always set targets and create a measurement system for
measure the extent of the success of the work that he
do so when there is the less he can do
as soon as possible.

By applying these guidelines correctly and continue to do
innovation and improvement, I hope you can become a
'Difference makers' bring your company to perform better
and achieve what the ideals of the organization.

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outside the suspected

History, people have always successful aspiration extraordinary. They can only come from normal families, but because of a big dream, they menangguk success. What are the keys? Of course, because they have attitudes winner. Until able to change that dream become a reality kasat eyes. Whatever we can be a impikan realized if we do the steps below:
1. Make a note about Yourself (Self-Esteem)

Identify yourself fully in it so you can measure your strength to realize your expectations. You can create a "self-map" that include:
a. Strengths / positive attitude
b. Cons / negative attitude
c. Strengths and weaknesses business / profession that you currently tekuni
d. Your performance is never tired
Any kind of confidence will not be able to realize your dreams if not accompanied by a consideration at the top of the list. This means understanding the importance of self-motivation and that we have. We also need to have the resources: skills, knowledge and capital enough to be able to realize the dream.
Investment attitude that we should have is:
- Do not be afraid to fail
- Change the paradigm does not like to be criticized by the critics
- Have the right vision and clear
- Have way / ability to overcome the shortage, both in skills and knowledge and working capital
2. Milikilah Big Dreams (Expect)
Proverb "touch the stars in the sky, but the leg still minds on earth" remind us to have big dreams. Although the need to materialize the planning time and cooked consider the resources we have. If, we only dream normally and easily achieved, the result normally. And, we do not have the valuable experience of a lifetime. Say, the " I CAN ..............." each time. This attitude reflects that in mind we always want something more.
3. Realize that something outside the boundaries of the target / time limit (Goal Setting)
Stories light Aladin not be met in this world. How may we all desire can be realized in a jiffy! In the real world, you have to make planning and the target time. Make the target short-term and long term. Fokuslah of your dreams. Perliharalah attitude enthusiasm. Evaluate the results achieved. So, rest assured that your dream will become reality.
4. Learning from Partners and Mentor-Mentor Idola (Action)
There are words of wisdom that says "Look knowledge to the Chinese." Saying it invites us to build attitudes and the desire to increase the skills and knowledge consistently to realize our dream. Although in principle, we have our own resources / capabilities. One way to improve skills and knowledge among others, by reading the success story or a study on pakarnya. This step can increase our confidence that our dream is not cast, because there is a basic theory and reliability have been through the experience of other people (measuring your Dreams)

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